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Archestra Research provides consulting for managing strategy, change, and products.


Archestra’s contracted and renewable engagements provide managers with a deep and agile senior-level solution designer who will orchestrate progress in a road-mapped effort, during normal business hours. Short-term or long, we pay special attention to maintaining a clear role under the manager’s accountability while acting as an agent for the manager. While the engagement has a target output, the process successfully continues beyond the consultant’s participation. Our standard and flexible pricing is listed further below; see the end of this page.

See where we’ve been…

Archestra strategies and models have underpinned work done across multiple industries and problem domains. See the ongoing recap of engagements in those areas, including the following types of  Design Innovation Projects, and projects in I.T. services, management and development:

Service Asset Config Projects by Industry


Design Innovation Projects


Consulting Services and background:

Archestra’s effectiveness in key areas is reflected in the following examples of accomplishment and attention to the requirements of IT Services decision makers and owners.


Align Business and IT service strategies

  • ITSM and Governance advisor to Pink Elephant
  • CFO Magazine value management citation
  • Business ownership and board membership
  • IT leadership responsibility in companies from startups to government agencies


Analyze, design and plan IT products including services

  • Four market-leading ITSM process automation product lines
  • Two Operational Performance Management products
  • Three Business Intelligence systems integrations
  • Three Enterprise Knowledgebase systems designs and integrations


Manage Knowledge and Content for development and education

  • Published in business development, technical, and marketing libraries privately and commercially
  • IT Architects Academy instructor
  • LMS content producer/manager
  • R&D lifecycle program manager


Build and implement methodology for IT Service delivery and support

  • Built and ran national and international IT support operations
  • National standards body working groups
  • Gartner “Top Right” Magic Quadrant Vendor-certified enterprise solutions architect


About Malcolm Ryder, Owner and Principal

Thank you for reviewing my profile here and elsewhere online.


My consulting profile:

I work as a senior manager at the director level or higher, on initiatives that create or transform production strategy and products (including services) in IT-heavy business innovation.

I am recruited and known distinctively for bringing early detection and unique perspectives that become the next “normal” or resolve old deadlocks.

My work has covered private and public sector; startups and Fortune 500s; supply side and demand side.

I work on a billable basis for, and with, individuals with decision-making authority who are themselves researching, teaching, consulting, managing, publishing and inventing.

I am currently based in California with the ability to work routinely on both East Coast time and Pacific time, in the U.S.A.

To start looking into working together, see my current online profiles and arrange an advisory call.

Contact me through LinkedIn, or write to me at with a clear subject line in the message about a focused description.



Consulting Engagement and Fees:

In Archestra Research engagements, my pricing is as follows, excluding all expenses reimbursed. See also my discount offers below.

$ 125 / hour

$ 800 / day

$ 3500 / wk

$ 12,000 / mo


Locality Discounts up to 30% are available:

I discount for the option to work remotely (phone & web).

I also discount for contracts at companies in the East Bay region, and for public sector or non-profit organizations.

East Bay Region

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