About Archestra

Archestra: The Architecture of Enterprise Strategy


Welcome, from Malcolm Ryder.

Archestra is a fusion of my 25 years or so in management consulting, IT, marketing and the art world. It includes a research studio, consulting services, and business technology partnerships.


The Practice

The intent of Archestra  is to study, offer and practice certain points of view, about how we design and build value, that ring true across the experiences in those domains.

Anyone who makes things that they designed themselves is possibly going to recognize, add or take something here. People who run things should, too.

Archestra welcomes collaboration from visitors using the material.


The Thesis

Archestra has a foundation working concept: Architecture creates spaces for functions; Strategy creates functions for spaces.

As a perspective from that concept, Archestra treats strategy as a managed “product” used for developing, maintaining and communicating the risk/benefit dimensions of competitive position, in operations, organizations and markets. In that role, the product called “strategy” is a solution that is formulated. The formulation derives from an underlying architecture.


The Content Collection

Through research and contributions, Archestra is an evolving compilation of interrelated concepts and critiques about producing and pursuing the solution called “strategy”. The material is collected and curated here as an online studio.

The scope of the compilation is guided by the interconnected Archestra Frameworks — for which the entry levels of exposure are the Enterprise framework and the related, evolving Solution Framework.   Archestra’s frameworks are its architecture of enterprise strategy. The content research is guided by the Topical Catalog. Within those references, the presentation of the ideas offers a continually revised open studio of materials.



Partners and Credits

Except where otherwise identified, this website’s photography and graphics, in its page headers and articles, are (c) 2015 Malcolm Ryder.

Archestra is a client and business partner of JVF Consulting, LLC  in Pleasanton, CA.


This website is dedicated to John McEnroe, Kate Moss, Charles Mingus, Michelle Kwan, Jacques Derrida, Jimi Hendrix, Robert Altman, Ozzie Smith, Alex Morgan, and Guy Bourdin. To find out who’s on the “second team” or to register objections, email me at mryder@malcolmryder.com.