Performing Innovation Under Governance

For those who manage performance, governance appears to offer a layer of security for meeting performance targets. But the scope of governance’s concern naturally exceeds the scope of production performance, representing a need to protect opportunity above and beyond performance targets.¬†Inappropriate performance management will hold back innovation unless governance is appropriately influential on production.

Performing Innovation Under Governance

The notebook accompanying this table traces the influence on the production environment that governance brings, with regards to supporting innovation. Click here to access the notebook.

The Right Thing To Do

Companies trying to make innovation a routinely successful practice may have steep learning curves and deep-rooted habits preventing the necessary degree of acceptance of change. Complicating matters further is uncertainty about whether governance is present and supportive, or instead, more likely an inhibitor of change, in their organizations.

A key part of clearing that hurdle is having a consistent understanding of what is getting done by the variety of efforts needed to allow innovation to succeed. The distinctions shown here are the basis of a recommendation to exploit portfolio management and strategic sourcing in order to accelerate practical adoption and development of innovation. Followup discussion will be added to this article’s table during December.

Performance versus Innovation